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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.

  • Suzanne F. Cohen
    Suzanne F. Cohen
    The enduring legacy of Suzanne F. Cohen (1935-2018) continues to serve and provide for our Baltimore community. An arts enthusiast, Suzanne was thoughtful...
  • Dixie and Neil Leikach
    Dixie and Neil Leikach
    Dixie and Neil Leikach are both committed Associated leaders with the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership Committee.
  • Liz and Donni Engelhart
    Liz and Donni Engelhart
    As donor-advised Impact fund holders, the Engelharts established a fund that allows young donors to contribute over a 5 year period.
  • Bruce Sholk
    Bruce Sholk
    A former Chair of the Board of The Associated, Bruce Sholk never imagined making a life in Baltimore.
  • Genine Macks Fidler
    Genine Macks Fidler
    In some sense, my desire to endow my annual gift to The Associated represents an affirmation of my belief in the future of the Jewish people and the Baltimore Jewish community, in particular.
  • Alan S. Edelman
    Alan S. Edelman
    I moved to Baltimore from Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1987. I moved to Baltimore because I wanted to part of a more vibrant Jewish community.
  • Rosalee Davison
    Rosalee Davison
    My parents taught me philanthropy in very quiet ways. As an adult, I realize that their example was based on Jewish tradition and texts.
  • Debra Hettleman
    Debra Hettleman
    My 40th birthday, more than any other, caused me to think about the bigger picture – my values and how they translate into action and lasting impact.
  • Brett and Julie Cohen
    Brett and Julie Cohen
    The reason that we wanted to create a philanthropic fund was that we wanted something that would impact us for our future, for our family.
  • Sarah Davison
    Sarah Davison
    When my mother died of cancer at a young age, I realized life is unpredictable. I decided not to wait to create an endowment at The Associated.
  • Steve Hecht
    Steve Hecht
    When our first child passed away at two years old, my wife, Michele, and I wanted to do something in his memory.
  • The Pollokoff Family
    The Pollokoff Family
    Amy and Bob Pollokoff admit that their lives center around their family. It's why they take on Passover Seder each year...
  • The Pretter Family
    The Pretter Family
    Relocating from New York, Nancy and Isaac Pretter first moved to Baltimore when Isaac enrolled in the MBA program at Johns Hopkins...
  • The Berman Family
    The Berman Family
    It's not like giving back was new to Barry and Linda Berman. For years, the couple gave to causes they were passionate about and they...
  • The Russel Family
    The Russel Family
    Family philanthropy is "in the blood" admits Robert Russel when he thinks about giving back. From the early days when both his and...
  • Success in Business Breeds Tzedakah
    Success in Business Breeds Tzedakah
    The Frumans own and operate National Lumber Company, a fifth-generation family business currently located in East Baltimore.
  • Leave Something More Valuable Than Just Dollars and Cents
    Leave Something More Valuable Than Just Dollars and Cents
    David Lehmann, a partner in the certified public accounting firm of Cooper and Lehmann, LLP, describes his company as a multi-family
  • All Jews are Responsible for Each Other
    All Jews are Responsible for Each Other
    Growing up in the old Jewish neighborhood of Forest Park, surrounded by schools and shuls, Sue Glick Liebman learned early on that...
  • Caring for Others is What it Means to be Human
    Caring for Others is What it Means to be Human
    Rosalie says her parents, who owned a hardware store on Reisterstown Road, didn't have much and that she "came from a different world...

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